The Queensland Government is encouraging the state’s citizens to contribute to the future shape of the State, with the Government launching the Queensland Plan.

Premier Campbell Newman said the Plan has been designed as a collaborative process that will involve the community, industry and all levels of government to establish a new long-term vision for the state.

The State Government is calling for contributions from all people within the state in an attempt to gain a clearer picture of where people want the state to be in 30 years’ time.

“If we don’t know where we want to be as a state, we could end up anywhere.  This is about Queenslanders taking ownership of our long-term future,” Mr Newman said.

“This will not be a State Government plan.  It will be a plan created by Queenslanders, for Queensland and will influence the future decision making of all levels of government, industry and community groups.”

Mr Newman said engagement with the community will be driven by MPs at a grassroots level.

“I will invite all 89 MPs to bring a diverse group of their constituents to attend a summit in Mackay on 10 May to determine which questions we need to ask Queenslanders to help develop our long-term vision,” he said.

“The summit will also allow MPs and constituents to discuss the best ways of engaging their local communities.

“A one-size fits all approach will not work.  The engagement process needs to be tailored to cater for the diverse range of communities that make up this great State.

“Online resources and a comprehensive website will also allow Queenslanders to give their views if they can’t be involved in face-to-face discussions.”

A second summit will be held in September 2013 to review and prioritise the feedback received. The Queensland Plan is due for release before the end of the year.