The Prime Minister has announced a review of Australia’s Indigenous Training and Employment initiatives, to be led by former Fortescue CEO Andrew Forrest.

PM Tony Abbott says: “Too often, employment and training programmes provide ‘training for training’s sake’ without the practical skills that people need to fill the jobs that exist,”

“This review will provide recommendations to ensure indigenous training and employment services are targeted and administered to connect unemployed indigenous people with real and sustainable jobs.”

The Government’s review is set to provide recommendations on indigenous training and employment, hoping to connect unemployed indigenous people with permanent jobs.

The Review of Indigenous Training and Employment will be chaired by Andrew Forrest, who has been praised in the past for his extensive indigenous support, training and employment initiatives. He is not without detractors, with strong accusations of rigged land rights deals to gain mining grounds for Fortescue Metals Group.

It is too early to know which specific policies and programs will be targeted for amendment, but there is a desperate need for change, the PM said.

“Australians yearn to see practical and genuine improvement in the lives of Aboriginal people... There is so much goodwill. The challenge, though, is to convert good intentions into practical change for the better.”

The Review is expected to be complete by April 2014.