The Western Australian Regional Development Minister Brendon Grylls has announced his intentions to push for an assessment of the Royalties for Regions - the Country Local Government Fund (CLGF) - scheme to ensure community projects are being properly funded and delivered effectively.


By the 2014-15 financial year, the CLGF will have delivered more than $552 million in funding to 109 local governments for the maintenance  and expansion of community infrastructure.


The fund, created by the previous Labor Government in 2006, was formed to address an estimated $1.75 billion backlog. Mr Grylls has pushed for an assessment and feedback on the fund’s progress.


“I have asked the Western Australian Regional Development Trust to consult with relevant stakeholders and conduct meetings with country local governments, industry bodies and government departments and provide me with feedback by early next year,” he said.

“This program is in its fourth year of operation and it is an appropriate time for it to be assessed in an independent, evidence-based manner.”


The CLGF operates as one of three main subsidiary accounts of the Royalties for Regions Fund which is aimed as assisting rural and regional local governments to support capacity building.


“I expect the trust to advise me on the continuing need of the CLGF and future budget parameters,” Mr Grylls said.


The trust would be asked to advise on the formula used to allocate the funding and the split of funding between individual councils and regional groupings.

It would also be asked examine ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the CLGF implementation and would soon release an issues paper for public comment.


Its terms of reference are published on the trust’s page on the Department of Regional Development and Land’s website