The former City of Perth CEO Martin Mileham is considering legal action after being sacked.

Mr Mileham said he read about his sacking online, after commissioners for the city voted to terminate his contract immediately during a special meeting this week.

He is expected to receive a payout of several hundred thousand dollars.

“I read on the City of Perth website and in the media that the commissioners … had terminated my employment as the chief executive officer of the City of Perth effective immediately,” Mr Mileham said in a statement.

“At the time of this release the termination of my employment had not been formally notified to me.

“If the media report is correct and my employment has indeed been terminated, I am unaware of the reasons for that termination.

“I am disappointed, shocked and dismayed that the commissioners have taken this action without following any, or any adequate or proper due process (including notifying me) and without affording me natural justice.

“I had raised … concerns about my workplace rights being adversely affected initially with the councillors of the City of Perth before they were suspended and then with the commissioners soon after they commenced in their role and, to date, these concerns have not been addressed.”

Mr Mileham suggested he was considering legal options.

“I place my trust in the legal system to ensure that I am compensated to the full [extent] of the law,” he said.

City of Perth says any legal action would be “firmly defended”.

The city does not “intend to debate the details associated with its decision to terminate Mr Mileham's employment in the media, except to say the commissioners made a decision consistent with their mandate to act in the best interests of the city”.

Chair Commissioner Eric Lumsden says the council needed new leadership.

“Mr Mileham's employment was terminated with 12 months' notice and all his entitlements in accordance with the provisions of his employment contract, and the Local Government Act 1995,” Mr Lumsden said.

Local Government Minister David Templeman suspended the entire council earlier this year in response to years of scandal and infighting.

A panel of high-powered commissioners have been investigating the council since.

Mr Templeman wants the commissioners to publicly release as much information as possible.

“We want to know the issues surrounding Mr Mileham's departure, how they relate to the ongoing function of the City of Perth,” Mr Templeman said.

“I've asked them very clearly, please, if you're able to release further information that is in the best interest of ratepayers and others, please do so.”