A station in the Northern Territory has taken a big step toward supporting local ecology and water supplies.

Florina Station, near Katherine, has fenced off 350 hectares of land around an important swamp as part of a conservation agreement with Territory National Resource Management (TNRM).

The deal awarded a grant to Florina Station to fence off the swamp, known as Monday Hole, and build an alternative watering point for cattle.

The Territory Conservation Agreement is aimed at ensuring the swamp will not be damaged by cattle that can disturb and degrade the water’s edge.

The swamp fence is just one part of the deal, which also includes a fire program, feral buffalo eradication program and weed management.

The Monday Hole swamp was deemed to be an ecologically important site following a TNRM study which found over 60 species of birds living in and around the swamp.

This latest deal brings the total amount of land protected under conservation agreements in NT to 27,978 hectares.