The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) has collaborated with the Northern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (NSROC) on a study comparing the structures, operations and activities of various Regional Organisations of Councils (ROCs) in New South Wales and similar groups in Western Australia.


Entitled 'A Comparative Analysis of Regional Organisations of Councils in NSW and Western Australia', the report outlines the variety of ROCs (or council alliances) in the two States. It suggests some future directions including the greater use of ROCs by State and Federal Governments as an important channel for regional funding and consultation and as a mechanism to enhance local government performance.


The analysis is important for understanding the function of ROCs and their relationships between local councils and different levels of government. ROCs have a varied impact around Australia; some ROCs have led to major reforms including council consolidation, while in other circumstances they have enhanced their member councils’ capacity and performance.


NSROC and ACELG jointly funded the project which was undertaken by Gooding Davies Consultancy Pty Ltd. The report includes recommendations to explore appropriate legal and business structures for ROCs that allow for more efficient business operations and how ROCs could provide a greater regional consultation function.


The report can be downloaded here.