An Australian Education Union survey has shown stress is a major factor weighing on the minds of Tasmanian teachers, amidst negotiations for better hours.

The survey lends some credence to the teachers’ argument that their workloads are becoming too much to bear. The new figures say ninety per cent of Tasmanian teachers are struggling to get everything done within rostered hours.

Some teachers say when reports are due, it is impossible to stay on top of them.

“I've been known to pull a few all-nighters. It's like between two and two-and-a-half hours per student to write a report,” teacher Leanna Clifford says.

Fellow educator Peter Harrison agrees, saying it means its harder than ever to draw people into the profession.

“Do we fear for education? Do we fear for the teachers in the state?” Mr Harrison asks

“Are we going to attract top quality people? Well, that is the concern.”

Nine out of ten respondents to the Union survey said their workloads had increased significantly in the last five years.