Australia knows global warming better than most other countries, especially after the hottest January ever.  Sydney aims to lead the country in solving the problems that cause global warming.

The City of Sydney has set an ambitious goal of reducing carbon emissions by 70 percent by the year 2030.  To get there, Sydney will:  Install energy-efficient LED street and park lights; help businesses reduce carbon emissions with energy efficiency programs; And of course, letting the sun do most of the heavy lifting with Australia’s largest building-mounted solar panel project.

5,500 solar panels on city-owned buildings across Sydney will generate 1.25 megawatts of power. You’ll see them not only on Libraries and Community Centres, but also major structures such as the Redfern Oval Grandstand and the Sydney Park Pavilion.  Producing 30 percent of the city’s power from solar is the same as taking 740 cars off the road.

Sydney is already leading Australia’s LED lighting revolution, having already installed them on major thoroughfares such as George Street, King Street, and Oxford Street, and in Bicentennial Park in Glebe.  Soon, you’ll see them illuminating more streets and parks. 

Nearly 300 Sydney businesses have saved $1.3 million on utility and waste bills as well as cutting their environmental footprints through the City’s Smart Green Business program.  More businesses will enjoy that as the program expands.