The working group tasked with considering governance issues associated with a possible move to a single water and sewerage corporation in Tasmania has met for the first time.


Chaired by the Mayor of Brighton, Councillor Tony Foster, the working group has considered a range of matters relating to how councils would integrated separately owned assets into a single entity.


“The meeting was very productive, with two representatives of owner councils from each region, along with the Chair of the current water and sewerage corporations and the CEO of the Local Government Association in attendance,” Mayor Foster said.


“Councils have had concerns from the beginning about the amount of input they have into this sector as the owners of the entities. The governance proposals under consideration are about ensuring that as owners, Local Government has a more direct relationship with the board(s) and corporation(s),” he said.  


“Selection processes, board structure and numbers, communication between the Board and owners, accountability and reporting along with the basis for dividend distribution are key matters for the working group to address.”