The Victorian Government has announced the formation of a new Ministerial Advisory Committee on Waste and Resource Recovery Governance, which will be tasked with reviewing the State’s current waste management arrangements.

State Minister for Environment, Ryan Smith, said the establishment of the three member committee will provide expert advice in local government, waste management and governance and would play a key role in helping reduce waste and improve resource recovery efforts.

Members, Ms Lydia Wilson (Chair), Mr Simon Corden and Mr Paul Clapham will form the advisory committee, which will advise on how to best deliver the vision and objectives of the new policy, through the many public sector agencies, departments and local councils involved,” Mr Smith said.

“To deliver Victoria’s new waste and resource recovery plan, it’s crucial that we get the right arrangements in place with all the institutions that have a role in managing our waste system.

“I have asked the advisory committee to review the current waste management arrangements in Victoria and make recommendations about the effective governance of institutions in the waste management system.

The Committee will deliver its recommendations to the Minister by the end of April this year.