Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Regional and Rural Development Damian Drum has launched an investment strategy aimed at attracting over 10,000 jobs in Geelong.


Mr Drum said the Geelong Ring Road Employment Precinct (GREP) prospectus highlighted the wealth of opportunities for industrial development in Geelong.


"The GREP (formerly the Heales Road Industrial Estate) comprises around 500 hectares of industrial-zoned land, of which about 327 hectares is currently undeveloped," Mr Drum said.


The 16-page prospectus has been produced by the City of Greater Geelong, which owns 129 hectares of undeveloped land at the GREP.


"City of Greater Geelong Council estimates the GREP, when fully occupied, has the potential to generate up to 10,000 direct jobs and 12,000 jobs for the region indirectly," Mr Ryan said.


For a copy of the GREP prospectus visit