Victoria has put up a draft copy of its new Local Government bill.

The Exposure Draft Local Government Bill 2018 has been welcomed by the Victorian Local Government Association (VLGA).

But the lobby warns that some key details need more scrutiny.

“The revised meeting rules based on governance rules is a welcome development, as is the requirement for a publicly transparent gift policy for councillors,” said VLGA chief Kathryn Arndt.

Some elements of the Exposure Draft which will require further analysis to ensure the right balance is achieved between the powers of the state government and the roles and responsibilities of local government,” Ms Arndt said.

“In order for councils to develop the mandated 10-year asset plan and 10-year financial plan, they will need certainty that the state government undertakes extensive consultation on policies that impact council operations,” she said.

“Unfortunately, recent polices such as rate capping and yearly valuation of properties, which have significant impact on council financial positions, were enforced on the local government sector without consultation.

“We look forward to working with the state government to ensure the new Bill serves the best interest of all Victorians to support transparency and good governance across all levels of government,” Ms Arndt said.