The Western Australian Acting Planning Minister Troy Buswell has released a draft revised policy and new guidelines for public consultation following a full review of the State Coastal Planning Policy.

Mr Buswell said the proposed revisions and additions provided more guidance to the Western Australian Planning Commission, State Government bodies, and local governments for land use and development on or near the coast.

“The review of the State Coastal Planning Policy takes into account the latest planning information locally, nationally and internationally, from learning from application of the policy, and an extensive internal and targeted external consultation,” he said.

“The review brings the policy in line with other Australian States’ planning policies in terms of sea level rise and application of a precautionary and risk management approach.”

The acting Minister said the comprehensive review had looked into coastal planning matters such as foreshore reserve width; coastal types; and risk of erosion and inundation resulting from a storm event taking into consideration all WA coastal areas.

“A key feature is the introduction of coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning, providing a more flexible approach in dealing with the potential impacts of coastal hazards,” he said

“Modifications to existing policy wording includes areas such as building height limits that will allow for more flexibility, focusing on suitable urban form, as well as coastal foreshore reserves, public interest, coastal strategies and management plans.

“New measures help to guide policy on urban consolidation, coastal protection works, and water resources.”

The draft policy is available here.  Submissions are due by 31 May.