The Northern Territory Government has launched a new $15 million plan, Alice Water Smart, for the management of Alice Springs’ water supplies.


Environment Minister Karl Hampton said the plan would be funded jointly by the Territory and Federal Government with support from the Alice Springs Town Council. He said the Alice Water Smart project involves education, audits and infrastructure development to cut water use by 1600 million litres per year.


A consortium of Northern Territory Government agencies, the Alice Springs Town Council and Arid Lands Environment Centre will deliver the project which includes:

  • A $6.5 million infrastructure project that would allow some large water users to use recycled water;
  • A $2 million project to regulate water pressure and reduce leaks;
  • A $1.2 million project to reduce water use in parks and gardens using smart technologies;
  • Water audits for homes and businesses;
  • Smart meters that help people understand their own water use and make changes; and
  • A program to reduce water use in hotels and other tourist accommodation.


The Waterwise Rebate Scheme has been expanded to include rainwater tanks and for the first time will be available to landlords and small businesses.


Water savings will be achieved through an expanded garden tune-up program including rebates on water saving works and irrigation upgrades in identified high water-use gardens.


Funding of $7.5 million is being provided under the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns, a key component of the Australian Government’s long-term Water for the Future initiative.


Power and Water Corporation will match the $7.5 million investment with additional contribution from consortium members.