With up to 10 per cent of Australians living in social housing at some point, experts say it can be a vital launchpad for a more stable life.

Queensland Government's new local government watchdog has called out former Ipswich deputy mayor Paul Tully just weeks before council elections.

Adelaide City Council is planning a marketing scheme to help Chinatown traders.

Victoria’s new Local Government Bill has passed the Upper House, with amendments.

One capital city is phasing out fireworks in favour of drones and lasers.

An official report has questioned compliance in Queensland’s CSG regulation.

Australia’s wastewater has given new insights into the nation’s drug consumption.

The NT Government has handed a contract for its $89 million Local Jobs Fund to a Queensland firm.

The NSW Government has extended its policy to offer up to 10 days’ domestic violence leave to public servants.

A new report draws a direct link between climate conditions in Australia and recent bushfires.

A Victorian court has heard more details of ‘astroturfing’ by developers trying to buy approval.

Some producers are angry at the WA Government's new legislation to crack down on farm trespassers.

Norfolk Island is facing a serious food and supply crisis.

A racist "joke" has led to calls for more diverse councils.

With up to 90 per cent of Aboriginal children suffering from otitis media, or “glue ear”, a new research project is trying to improve the stakes.

The threat of vandalism has seen hand soap removed from many public toilets, but the threat of COVID-19 could bring it back.

Flood waters are bringing the first major test of the northern projects of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan since it was struck in 2012.

A new study has investigated the infrastructure needs of automated vehicles in Australia now and in the future.

The Federal Government has rejected a call to axe a special tax concession for people living in remote parts of Australia.

The latest in the ongoing ‘sports rorts’ saga involves a $50,000 grant for a building that had already been built.

Figures on the ACT’s public health system show some patients are waiting more than four years to see a specialist doctor.

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