Teachers are being offered a $50,000 cash incentive to work at Victoria's toughest schools.

Victorian councils have threatened to sue over “unacceptable service” from Fines Victoria.

The NSW Government is taking submissions about its pub lock-out laws.

Warrnambool City Council leaders have been accused of silencing claims of fraudulent spending and cover-ups.

NSW communities have testified about how the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has negatively impacted upon their lives.

Helicopters slung with high-tech sensors are being sent on a water search in remote New South Wales.

A Senate committee has recommended authorities relax maintenance requirements for aircraft involved in medical charity flights.

Thousands of protesters are disrupting major cities for two weeks of Extinction Rebellion protests.

A Melbourne council has dropped all charges against a catering business that was shut down over a slug in its kitchen.

WA’s Horizon Power is pulling down parts of its overhead network and replacing it with a renewable microgrid.

Victorian councils are making changes in an attempt to deal with an ongoing recycling crisis.

A damning report has revealed a high risk of corruption within local government in Victoria.

A Tasmanian councillor has resigned live on radio, saying ongoing “personal attacks” and online harassment have been “too much”.

Legal Aid NSW wants to increase access to justice for Aboriginal people.

More drought money has been offered by federal and state governments.

A regional New South Wales council is spraying up to 100,000 litres of water onto roads each day.

Native title holders in far-west New South Wales have proposed a major cross-agency organisation to manage the Darling River.

An inquiry has heard taxpayers would bear the brunt of a potential nuclear energy industry in Australia.

A Victorian court has heard Hazelwood Power Corporation should have foreseen a fire in an open-cut coal mine that burned for weeks.

Some SA residents will soon be polled about their views on a nuclear waste dump.

The AEMC has looked at ways that Australia's energy grid could adapt to manage an influx of renewables.

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