Victoria has excommunicated religion from its schools, banning church groups from holding prayer meetings, handing out sacred texts or other on-campus expanding of the flock.

There are concerns this week that the Royal Commission into unions is heaping more work onto public servants.

The West Australian Local Government Advisory Board has explained some of the delays in the re-structure of Perth councils.

The Victorian Local Government Association wants to know the result of inquiries into local government elections.

Newcastle Council employees are continuing their industrial action against threats to jobs and services.

The media has been banned from reporting on a case that the fugitive Julian Assange calls “an embarrassing corruption scandal involving the Australian government”.

Researchers have peered into the future of the Northern Territory, mapping population growth to indentify the emerging issues of tomorrow.

Queensland councils must diversify to generate growth, according to research and the state’s Premier.

As fears about water fluoridation continue in several Australian regions, the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says it will end the debate once and for all.

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is investigating potential groundwater contamination from a fire-fighting chemical it used for over thirty years.

A new report says it will take more than financial inducement to get many professionals to ply their trade in rural areas.

The Federal Government has extended a program which suspends welfare payments for NT parents whose children fail to attend school.

The Australian Local Government Association has welcomed serious discussion about Australia's three levels of Government.

The NRMA says there is $1 billion worth of roadwork in store just to bring roads on the north cost of NSW up to standard.

Anyone who thinks there is no passion in politics should try to discuss bike paths in the City of Vincent.

Women need to put up their hands to run in local government elections, a forum this week has heard.

Some Western Australian mayors have been aggravated by recommendations for council reforms.

Australia is missing the opportunity for billions of dollars in revenue, thousands of jobs and a better life for many citizens by ignoring one single industry.

Researchers have taken a look at why some country towns survive and thrive, while others decline and die.

The Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance has identified dozens of assets that could be sold, and promises the money will be re-invested.

The Tasmanian Government has signed off on a 12-month wage freeze for public servants, and said it will limit future increases.

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