One of Australia’s top lawyers is defending a Victorian man against an “oppressive” local government.

The retirement fund for NSW local council workers is taking a stand on dodgy corporate conduct at major banks.

A new governing body is being set up for councils in NSW’s far west.

Accusations of racism and irrationality have been thrown in a dispute over a cultural event in Adelaide.

Queensland leads the country when it comes to jailing children.

Experts estimate the Great Artesian Basin contributes over $12 billion to the Australian economy each year.

Parts of rural NSW are having their water restrictions removed and desalination plant turned off.

Victoria will ban exploration and development of unconventional gas, including coal seam gas and fracking.

An Adelaide council that had rejected a Diwali festival has offered to allow it.

The greyhound industry is scrambling to respond to the ban in NSW

Humans appear to have slowed down the rate at which they are destroying the planet.

Environmentalists have delivered a petition to ban single-use plastic bags at Victoria’s Parliament House.

TasWater will remove all “boil water” and “do not consume” alerts...

The Queensland Government has decreased new land valuations on properties near a contaminated aviation base.

Adani has defeated the latest legal challenge to its planned Carmichael coal mine.

The COAG Energy Council has outlined steps to energy market reform.

Bendigo’s mayor says a controversial council review was worth it.

WA’s Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC) has raided the offices of a council that says it has nothing to hide.

As legislation to ban greyhound racing makes its way through NSW Parliament, opposition is growing by the day.

Victoria threatened the jobs of over 100 councillors, but will now bring in a bill to save them.

Brisbane’s only Greens councillor is finding it hard to bring new ideas to the table.

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