Melbourne’s Darebin council has been stripped of its citizenship ceremony after agreeing not to celebrate colonialism.

Tasmanian mayor Tony Bisdee has voted to censure himself over a string of driving offences.

Victoria’s Central Goldfields council is set to be sacked over financial mismanagement.

Hobart City Council will fly the rainbow pride flag until same-sex marriage is legalised.

Somehow, a NSW high school has taught senior students the wrong maths course.

Water scientists say millions of litres of toxic water is escaping from a derelict coal mine into Sydney's drinking water catchment.

A modular artificial reef will soon be suspended near the Sydney Opera House.

A Victorian council has launched an innovative new program to teach vulnerable young people how to secure a job.

Feathers have been firmly rustled by a decision not to refer to January 26 as Australia Day.

A group of outback Queensland councils have launched a giant free wi-fi network for travellers.

Tasmanian councils say the state’s treasurer is encouraging business to break the law.

Australia's second-longest serving federal politician is running for Mayor of Hornsby.

The WA Government has launched groundwater surveys in the hope of unlocking major new irrigated agriculture sites.

Port Augusta is set to host a new $650 million, 150MW solar thermal power plant.

A NSW community is taking legal action after cancer-causing chemicals were found in their water supply.

The South Australian Government is moving ahead on a $1.6 billion deal to privatise its Lands Titles Office.

Footage of violence in Indigenous communities has been used in a push to expand the cashless welfare card.

Queensland MP Rob Pyne has used parliamentary privilege to release a ‘dirt file’ on the state’s councils.

Tasmanian councils are turning their focus to the Legislative Council Select Committee in its bid to prevent the takeover of TasWater.

NSW councils are outraged at a new move to make planning panels mandatory for Sydney and Wollongong.

Police may soon start to bust up Sydney’s CBD ‘tent city’.

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