Victoria has announced a $1.24 billion solar panel subsidy scheme.

Some rural councils are celebrating a renewable energy boom in Queensland.

Traditional owners who oppose the Adani mine are at risk of having their native title rights extinguished.

Ipswich City councillors will soon attend what is expected to be their final meeting.

NBN chief Bill Morrow has backpedalled on charges that could have seen regional customers paying more for broadband services.

West Australian councils are celebrating continued funding for vital Community Resource Centres.

Hobart is looking at compulsory voting to improve youth turnout.

An innovative new program could help Queensland shed its title of Australia’s most littered state.

The commodity forecaster says Australia’s water market could cope with another big drought.

Conservationists have gained access to documents that coal giant Adani tried hard to keep hidden.

A new academic effort has been created to assess the impact of artificial intelligence on ...

The Northern Territory Government says it has fixed water contamination in one small mining town, but locals are sceptical.

NT Worksafe has launched an investigation after a woman was hospitalised at the Darwin Festival last week.

Contamination in a Bundaberg suburb's water supply has been linked to historic PFAS use.

Libraries across NSW are calling for a doubling in State Government funding to ensure their long-term viability.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has said goodbye to its longest-serving employee.

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) is cracking down on incompetent international doctors.

Sea Shepherd is changing course in an attempt to stop Adani's Carmichael coal project.

A report into a the near-electrocution of a girl on a Sydney CBD street has created some questions for contractors.

A class action has been filed against the Defence Department over PFAS contamination.

Queensland is very close to closing the gap in Indigenous Year 12 completion.

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