Parramatta City Council’s CEO has been sacked after months of infighting.

Councils want more consideration before NSW's tough new music festival laws are rushed through.

A special data ethics committee has been set up to advise the Queensland local government sector.

Former Ipswich City Council chief executive Carl Wulff has been jailed for receiving close to $240,000 in corrupt payments.

Victoria’s EPA has banned a major recycling company from accepting waste at two of its facilities.

The inland rail project is lining up to be an issue in both the NSW and federal elections, despite over $400 million already being spent.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has revealed the cost of Queensland's “summer of disasters”.

The South Australian Government is considering scrapping its ban on genetically modified (GM) crops.

Scientists say irrigators extracting excess water has contributed to the death of millions of fish in the Murray-Darling system.

A small bird is standing in the way of Adani's giant Queensland coal mine.

The NSW Liberals have promised thousands more nurses and midwives.

A Sydney council has launched legal action to stop the NSW government demolishing and rebuilding Allianz Stadium at Moore Park.

Councils have welcomed a proposal to ban spot rezoning by developers in NSW.

Whitsunday Regional Council has passed a motion to ban MP Jason Costigan from visiting schools.

Christmas Island is not impressed by the Federal Government’s “knee-jerk” decision to reopen its immigration detention centre.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for a new approach to reducing gaps for Indigenous Australians.

Government documents suggest the nuclear waste site selection process has triggered mental health concerns, business boycotts and division.

A new Federal Government plan will see migrants fast-tracked to regional areas.

The Queensland Government has appointed its Inspector General to assess preparedness and response to floods in the state's north.

Labor wants to remove a cap on the amount of water the Government can buy from irrigators ...

There are estimates that half a million cattle have been killed in Queensland flood waters.

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