Satellite imagery shows the effect of removing dingoes from the landscape.

First Nations people share less than 1 per cent of the Murray-Darling water market.

Seqwater is offering $60,000 in grants for ‘waterwise’ Queensland communities.

Authorities have called for an increase in water costs in NSW.

The levels of lead in the blood of Port Pirie children have been re-assessed.

A new study has found serious pollution in the Bremer River, which runs through Ipswich.

New legislation could see funding for regional communities to develop their own renewable energy projects.

A new scheme in NSW seeks to cut the time it takes for top teachers to become principals.

Councils are sick of being caught up in pork-barrelling and funding rorts.

Victorian councils say COVID-19 lockdowns have massively increased the amount of household recycling and litter.

A new guide has been created to help SA councils deal with coastal erosion.

Researchers want to know why some women are put off from running for council positions.

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority is in important collaborations with Traditional Owners across Australia.

Authorities have announced plans for a “transformational” new sewer in Melbourne.

The Victorian Government may soon require wind farms to apply for permits to produce turbine noise.

A new company has announced plans to build a $1.5 billion, 20,000km fibre-optic “backbone” for Australia.

A new project will investigate using drones for remote NT health delivery.

The Productivity Commission has called on the Commonwealth to modernise is national water policy.

The peak local government lobby wants frontline council workers to receive early COVID-19 vaccination.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has pushed grant funding to projects he personally chose, against the advice of his department.

Queensland councils want the Commonwealth to set up a national reinsurance pool.

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