An expert team is examining ways that Queensland councils can reduce their energy bills.

Hundreds of council reps have met to discuss the future of local government in Western Australia.

Three City of Parramatta councillors have been accused of having conflicts of interest.

The Murray-Darling Basin Royal Commission has handed down its findings.

NSW Regional Water Minister Niall Blair has visited the site of mass fish deaths.

The deaths of hundreds of cows on a remote WA station have been blamed on a “catastrophic failure of management”.

Researchers have found significant levels of the neurotoxin BMAA in NSW water supplies.

The federal government has committed $3 million to help to prevent young people from taking their own lives.

Victoria has approved driverless car trials on rural roads.

The UN says the Carmichael coal mine should not go ahead with traditional owners’ consent.

Mayors from rural NSW have travelled to Sydney to discuss their water crisis, but the Water Minister did not appear.

The mayor of one of Australia’s most disadvantaged regions has questioned cash splashes by the major federal parties.

A private conservation group has spent $55 million protecting a Murray-Darling swamp.

Authorities will soon test technology to keep planes safe from drones.

The NSW Government has given an update on its $6 billion plan for school upgrades.

Animal rights advocates have created a website detailing the location and contact details of Australian farms.

The Australian Academy of Science is preparing an independent report on the Murray-Darling Basin fish deaths.

A new plan seeks to stop disabled people being segregated from mainstream life by physical barriers.

The Northern Territory should get 10 per cent of its power from renewable energy by the end of the year.

The aged care royal commission has begun, and families of victims are being urged to bravely speak up.

The Commonwealth bridges renewal program is open.

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