SA Council CEO’s are paid more every year, but a new report shows the rate of their rises is decreasing.

Ninety-five years ago, Australian Public Service bosses realised equal rights for women would transform the bureaucracy, and it was up to them to stop it.

Municipal associations in Victoria say they must be allowed to raise rates beyond the level of inflation, or jobs and services will be at risk.

Australian councils are struggling to meet the high cost of replacing infrastructure to meet extreme weather events such as cyclones and floods according to a local researcher.

A new report says Australian governments could save billions by buying smarter.

One regional mayor has staked his job on improving water costs.

The National Irrigators Council (NIC) wants to stop electricity price rises for farmers.

Children must be vaccinated for their parents to receive welfare benefits, under reforms proposed for Australia’s $150 billion welfare system.

A joint report from 28 different medical groups says the annual health bill from the Hunter Valley coal industry is in the hundreds of millions.

The ACT Government wants to knock down and rebuild Canberra public housing, but has hit a hitch.

An Australian publisher and conference provider with ties to the local government sector has entered voluntary administration.

The Local Government Association of Queensland says it is ready to work with the new Queensland government.

One council in Western Australia is taking a hard-line approach to recycling.

Tasmania’s Local Government Division and the Integrity Commission have joined the Local Government Association of Tasmania to produce training videos for the tricky situations councillors sometimes find themselves in.

A new report shows just how hard is for Australia’s homeless youth.

With a new government in place, Western Queenslanders want to put the Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative (GABSI) back on the agenda.

A NSW mining lobby wants charity status removed from protest groups that fight to interrupt industries in the name of conservation.

Internal tensions are being stirred in the WA Government over whether to change the state’s gold royalty rates.

Forcing Perth councils to merge has become too difficult for WA Premier Colin Barnett, so he’s given up.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) has continued its ardent push to stop money being taken away from councils.

New South Wales wants more private money in its public programmes.

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