The Queensland Services Union says with council de-amalgamations around the state, redundancies will happen, and they would like to know where and when.

Sulphur dioxide levels in a north Queensland mining city have breached standard levels 11 times this month.

Amended maps have been released showing the state of construction work for the National Broadband Network, upsetting many who thought their homes would be next in line.

A gathering of hundreds of cattle graziers has highlighted the continuing fallout from a governmental snap decision in 2011.

The Commonwealth will reimburse many councils and ratepayers whose funds were wasted in a fruitless push for recognition.

Arms have been laid down in the battle between a fast-food giant and residents of a small town in Victoria.

Nationwide productivity has increased, but the public sector cannot match the private sector’s confidence, a new report says.

There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

A public servant who was sacked for airing opinions criticising her department has changed strategy in her fight for justice.

The Australian Electoral Commission has today confirmed it misplaced 1375 ballot forms, and has delayed announcing the complete make-up of the Western Australian Senate as a result.

There has been widespread criticism of a proposal to move Centrelink’s front desk duties to Australia Post outlets, after the Treasurer confirmed it was an option.

Reports this week have questioned what happened to the plan that would have seen Melbourne residents able to track public buses in real-time.

Planning is just about done and work will soon begin on the $163 million Newcastle rail freight upgrade

Continued efforts to keep Mt Isa residents safe from themselves have not worked, with authorities now ramping up restrictions on swimming in ‘Poison Waterhole’.

Statistics say 18,000 people will die and 50,000 will be left with permanent disability this year as the result of a medical mistake, or ‘adverse medical event’.

A recent university report has been used to highlight the dangers of understaffed emergency rooms and facilities, with figures showing a 15 per cent higher hospital death rate on weekends.

The Federal Government may take a lead from Western Australia in its attempt to improve mobile phone coverage in country Victoria.

A project in Western Australia has won an award for ditching the classroom and taking kids back to their roots.

An Australian Education Union survey has shown stress is a major factor weighing on the minds of Tasmanian teachers, amidst negotiations for better hours.

It seems the general public has taken up the habit of criticising public servants via social media, leading to suggestions workers need better online protection.

The Western Australian Government has ruled out compulsory voting in local government elections, despite dismal turnouts at some booths in polling last week.

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